Williams & Associates LLC is a full service law firm located in Gadsden, Alabama focused on bringing a creative approach to legal solutions. Williams & Associates is founded and led by Phil Williams, a seasoned attorney of over 15 years, specializing in corporate and municipal litigation; estate planning; contractual law and real estate. In addition to Mr. Williams, Mr. David King is our associate attorney who also specializes in business and contractual law; real estate and probate issues; along with civil and criminal litigation. Mr. King further serves as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Alabama for matters related to the Department of Human Resources in Etowah County.

Williams & Associates, LLC opened its doors in 2011, and since then we have consistently built our practice based on the mission of our firm. In 2012, we brought attorney David King on board and in 2013 we hired Cathy Thomas as a real estate paralegal and closing secretary. Mrs. Thomas completed the Alabama 20-Hour Title Agent Pre-licensing Course and passed the Alabama Title Insurance Exam with a score of 94%.


To provide the best counsel, guidance and personal service to our clients’ unique needs; to achieve creative, practical and effective solutions for the success of our clients and our firm; encourage an entrepreneurial approach to practice development by refining and retaining exceptional and diverse professionals; serving the legal system and the public; and building respect, trust and support within the Alabama community.


The overall goal of Williams & Associates is to serve as a premier law firm in Etowah County and the surrounding area.


  • Mr. Williams is a seasoned attorney with over 15 years of legal experience in real estate.
  • Mr. Williams also serves as an Alabama State Senator and retired as a Colonel in the Army National Guard. He is highly regarded as both a business owner and a community leader.
  • Williams & Associates is a veteran-owned business.
  • We differentiate ourselves from other firms through our exceptional service, timeliness, attention to detail and better closing environment.
  • Williams & Associates actively participates in business networking opportunities.
  • Our firm goes above and beyond what is expected in how we proved service and communicate with those we serve.
  • We are affiliate members of the Etowah Cherokee County Association of Realtors.
  • Williams & Associates provides competitive closing costs.

Keys to Our Success

  • Professionalism
  • Expertise & Knowledge
  • Excellent service to lenders, buyers and agents
  • Drive to grow